Abraham Verghese with HammerProbably most dear to Abraham Verghese’s heart is his work with his patients at Stanford Hospital and his medical students at Stanford University School of Medicine, where he has taught and guided medical students since 2007.

In an time of great advances in medical technology, he remains a deep believer in the bedside exam techniques of traditional medical training. But recently, he proved the exception to be the rule and ventured out to use Google Glass to create videos to teach students how to do physical exams with a patient, a use Fast Company magazine profiled in a “Most Creative People” feature. In February 2014, he received a Heinz Award, which noted, “Dr. Verghese brings a unique perspective to healing as an art in an era when the scientific details of medicine often overshadow the patient.”

Physical diagnosis has been the guiding principle in his work with students and residents and was instrumental in his development, with colleagues, of the Stanford 25. This is a set of specific diagnoses based on physical examination and patients’ stories that all Stanford medical students must be able to perform prior to graduation.

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Stanford Medicine 25 – This site, subtitled ‘An Initiative to Revive the Culture of Bedside Medicine,’ provides a place where students and residents can go to remind themselves of what they learned, or are about to learn in a hands-on session.

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